Simunition Safety Certification Course- Recertification Only

Price: $130.00

Course Access Period: 30 days
Course Prerequisite: Simunition Safety Certification Course
Simunition Safety Certification Course Overview
Simunition® is expanding its U.S. Range Program to include the training of civilians. Certified Firearms Instructors in the U.S.A. can now join the Simunition® Reality-Based Instructor Community and once Certified by Simunition®, Instructors can train citizens with ‘The World Class and Proven Simunition® Training System’. Certified Instructors can now conduct the most realistic force-on-target and force-on-force reality based training exercises in their classes. With the Simunition® Training System, classroom instruction has never been as realistic as now!Part 1: Introduction to the Simunition System
The Simunition Safety Certification Course is designed to prepare Certified Firearms Instructors to safely use FX Marking Cartridges, Weapon Conversion Kits and Protective Equipment. The Simunition Training System gives firearms instructors the ability to conduct safe training practically anywhere, indoors or out. FX® Marking Cartridges can be utilized for firearm familiarization, malfunction/transition drills, magazine changes, shoot don’t shoot situations, utilization of cover, off-hand shooting, firing on the move and team shooting drills.Part 2: FX Marking Cartridges
The FX Marking Cartridges are the core of this training system with their unique telescopic design and patented reduced-energy technology. The FX Marking Cartridges are ideal for reality-based, force-on-force interactive scenarios and force-on-target training practically anywhere.Part 3: SecuriBlank Cartridges
SecuriBlank is designed using the Simunition patented reduced-energy technology and works with a weapon conversion kit, increasing safety and ensuring proper weapon functioning. SecuriBlank is cleaner than conventional blanks which greatly reduces weapon fouling and virtually eliminates unburnt propellant and ejected particles.

Part 4: Simunition Weapon Conversion Kits
Conversion Kits allow users to safely fire the reduced-energy cartridges (FX and SecuriBlank) from their personal firearms. Conversion kits are available for the majority of the handguns owned by responsible citizens. Simunition also offers conversion kits for the M16/M4 series of rifles as well as the 12 gauge pump action shotgun.

Part 5: Protective Equipment
Since the FX Marking projectiles generate an impact awareness when they hit, the FX 9000 series of Protective Equipment was developed to mitigate training risks. Comfortable and lightweight, each piece of protective gear allows the participants to move naturally during force-on-force training exercises and decide how much, if any, additional equipment is required beyond the mandatory head protector, throat collar and groin protector.

Part 6: Training Environment
The training environment should be recreated as close to possible to the real world and must have sufficient size to allow training to be conducted safely, yet in a realistic setting.

Part 7: TSO Responsibilities
The Training Safety Officer (TSO) is responsible for pre-scenario safety, scenario safety, and post-scenario safety. The TSO will verify that the environment does not hurt any personnel involved in the scenario, as well as insure people don’t hurt personnel involved in the scenario. The TSO`s sole responsibility is the safety of all personnel on scene.

Part8: Options for Realistic Firearms Training
The key to effective training is realism. With the Simunition Training System you can condition your students to improve critical skills and their decision making ability under stressful conditions.

Part 9: SHORT STOP-Short Range Training Ammunition (SRTA)
Short Stop short-range training ammunition (SRTA) rounds are designed for use on ranges where ricochet and conventional ammunition safety templates present a problem. The unique design of the Short Stop bullet allows it to match the accuracy of conventional ammunition at 100 m, while reducing maximum range under 600 m. The frangible rounds allow for training with rifle calibers (5.56mm & 7.62mm) on pistol ranges.